From the moment Michelle arrived, we breathed easier, she was our baby guide. Not only giving us much needed rest at night, but teaching us how to understand Emmline’s needs. Michelle set Emmeline up for a lifetime of happy sleeping and our family up for the huge win of being on the same page as quickly as possible.

-Miller Family

 My first birth was twin boys, and I was in extremely poor shape returning from the hospital. Michelle was a Godsend, literally!  Not only did she make sure I had what I needed, she helped me learn the ropes of handling a new baby, not just one, but two at the same time. With her support, I was able to fully recover, breast feed them both successfully, and get them sleep trained and on a consistent schedule.  This brought sanity in what otherwise would have been one of the most difficult times in my life.

-Parrish Family

With a team of almost 10 doulas, Michelle rose to the top as the leader of the team, with both her excellent care and attention to my newborn son, and also her care for me. She went above and beyond in every single area- in a period of six months, there was not one morning or night that she did not bring us her best. Every single day. Even mornings after she had been up all night with our newborn, she would hit the ground running. She helped me navigate postpartum depression and anxiety, alongside major grief and becoming a new mom.

-Collins Family

When Michelle came to my home, I had a list of questions that I wanted answers to. I felt so overwhelmed with my new 6 week old that I felt like I was failing in many areas and was second guessing all the information that I was reading, that friends were telling me, etc. Michelle’s class was exactly what I needed to put all of my anxiety to rest. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and kind. She also has a way of offering several different approaches and never shames you or makes you feel badly. Her reassuring tone and calming demeanor always lead from a point of what works for your baby since babies are not one size fits all.

-Rapier Family

My husband and I are so grateful for the help Michelle provided our family. Michelle was a confident, reassuring presence and just a joy to have around. Her service was gifted to us by grandparents and it was maybe the best gift we have ever received. There’s nothing better than sleep during the stressful days of life with a newborn. She not only cared for our baby and helped get him sleeping through the night, but also did laundry and dishes when the baby slept which was a huge blessing. Our older children really bonded with Michelle and love her as well. This was our 4th baby and the first time using any help, but now I’m not sure how we did it without Michelle and would highly recommend her care to any mom!

-Avery Family

We have been extremely fortunate to have Michelle work with our family over the last five months. She originally started with us after my wife gave birth and was working through some postpartum depression. We planned on Michelle helping watch our newborn at night so we could sleep but she became so much more to our family. She did teach our baby to sleep 10 hours straight at night, but she also taught us about daytime schedules, bedtime routines and so much more. She set us on the right track after having some setbacks. Michelle is great company and our whole family enjoyed getting to know her.

-Jones Family