What does an overnight look like?

The main aim is to for the parents to have long stretches of sleep at night. 

  1. If you are nursing baby I will bring baby to you during the night.  My goal is to not have you get out of bed unless you have too.  Once baby has nursed, I will change their diaper, burp them and get them back to sleep.  I will bring you water and a snack if you need them. 
  2. If you are nursing but only want to pump at night then you text me.  I will come get the milk.  Freeze it or get it ready for the next feeding.  Wash the pump parts and have them ready for you to use next session. Again, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your bed. 
  3. If you are bottle feeding then I will do all the feedings at night.  Have all the bottles washed and ready for you before I leave. 

I take notes of all the events that happen during the night so that you can keep track for your own daily log and for doctor’s visits.

Minimum of 8 hours.